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"David has only been working with me a short while, yet I feel my confidence in solo singing has soared. He has done a wonderful job in helping to reinforce my strengths while at the same time giving me great techniques to help improve my weaker areas. David's lessons have been a great positive environment in which to learn and grow!"


"I have so enjoyed taking voice lessons with David this summer!  He made it easy to share my thoughts and feelings about using my voice.  He listened carefully to what my voice goals were, and attended to them throughout our lessons.  I have learned so much from him.  In addition, David has created a warm and comfortable space at his new studio at North Yarmouth Congregational Church.  I would highly recommend him as a voice teacher who is knowledgeable, flexible and comfortable working with a wide variety of ages and voice styles and abilities."


"I am taking voice lessons with David in his totally fabulous studio in North Yarmouth.  David creates not only a beautiful physical space in which to sing, but also a very safe emotional environment! David is encouraging, supportive, positive...and can always offer a vocalise to help a challenge!
PS - He has a mug on the piano that says:  "My Voice is a Treasure!" which is wonderful to glance at when I'm learning something new..."


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